Well, the lazy days of summer have now given way to the beginning of a new school year.  My how time flies! But luckily we still have one last Portland Sunday Parkways this year before the days grow shorter and the rains begin to fall.  Ordinarily there is a “September Sunday Parkways” but not this year.  A rift in the time-space continuum has allowed for a rare “October Sunday Parkways” and its happening this coming weekend!The New Sellwood Bridge - October Parkways

     Sunday October 2nd will be the last Sunday Parkways for 2016.  The ride has been dubbed the Sellwood-Milwaukee Sunday Parkways and this will be the first time ever that a Parkways is held in Milwaukee.  So I guess, in fact, we could call this ride the Milwaukee Sunday Parkways…hmmmm.  Anyhoo, the planned route takes folks through many beautiful areas such as Westmoreland Park and also toodles through the Milwaukee Farmers Market.  It promises to be a hoot!  As a special bonus the route will also take bikers onto the brand new Sellwood Bridge for a close look at the bridge that replaced the old, and somewhat shaky, Sellwood Bridge.  It looks like the organizershave put a great route together so we hope to see you out there.Our goal is reached! October Sunday Parkways     Oh, a bit of an update on the biking goal Nancy and I set for ourselves seemingly so long ago.  We are thrilled to report that on the lovely, sunny, Sunday afternoon of September 4th we surpassed our goal of biking 700 miles for the season!  Though the days are shortening and the weather will soon make it too icky for us to go biking we have continued to add miles to our total.  Check out the graphic as proof of our greatness!!  We have both made a lot of progress in our “bike conditioning” this year.  The trick will be to maintain that conditioning over the winter.  We have a secret weapon to achieve that so stay tuned for our post about maintaining conditioning during our rainy months.


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