Hello and welcome to our little corner of the interwebs at Lust For Life At Last.  We call it Lust For Life At Last because Nancy and I spent a great deal of time living our lives not realizing that something was missing. That “something” was having the right partner with you for the journey that we call life.  We are Nancy and Mike and we live in Portland, Oregon along with our kiddos and a couple of quirky little furry creatures as well.  Life for us is a mix of love, laughter, learning, work, and gaining experiences as true partners through thick and thin.  It’s those experiences that we want to share in this blog.

     Both Nancy and I both went through the never so pleasant experience of divorce a few years back and we both learned a great dealBlack Butte in the process.  Namely finding our individual strengths and perhaps a weakness or two and coming out of the divorce experience with a better sense of who we were and more importantly what aspects of our lives really mattered most to us.

     Neither one of us was “looking” for that “right” person to come along when we quite by happen stance stumbled upon each other one cold December night on an online dating site.  But our experiences and feelings from that fateful day forward are ones that we feel are worthy of being told.  Those experiences and feelings, past, present, and future, will be what we write about in our blog.

     Now, Nancy and I never thought we would have a blog yet here we are.  I am the writer and creative director while Nancy is the editor-n-chief as well as artistic director and photographer.  The fact that I write most of the posts makes this a rare blog indeed.  A blog about finding happiness after divorce written from a guy’s perspective?  I’m sure there are questions regarding THAT! I welcome them believe me and there have even been a couple of requests for me to write about the time BEFORE I found my love and a lust for life at last.  I’d be open to that too.

     The idea that we came up with for the framework of the blog is based on the rooms you find in a house and what might go on in those rooms.  Each of the “rooms” and categories within the rooms reflect some aspect of our life that we have had experience with, are living today, and perhaps what we might face in the future.  The topics can vary widely as you might expect but that is the fun of all this.

     We hope you will drop on by on a regular basis and see what we are writing about at any given time.  Our hope is to interact with our readers and perhaps give our take on any questions or comments that might come our way.  We would love to chat with YOU our reader!

–Mike & Nancy

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